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MediaInfo free download for windows 7


MediaInfo 0.7.93

Vital Software For Your Media Files

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MediaInfo 0.7.93

MediaInfo Review:

 Media files are very important for good entertainment on your computer device. With the help of these files, you can play music and videos. You get the luxury of watching fun and interesting videos at home without any cost. To make the experience of watching videos better, you can use various media files which offer extra convenience. There are many types of software applications available for this purpose. MediaInfo is one such application that gives good service to its users.

 More About MediaInfo

 MediaInfo is an open source software that gives additional information about the media files. It shows information regarding the technical aspects of the file. This vital information can be used by other software applications. You can use this software to make your video watching pleasurable. It is a vital software for having a good time enjoying the media content of your system. You can download it and benefit from it. Many leading media players support this software. You can use it with software applications like eMule, MediaCoder and so on. This software is very useful in storing and sharing vital information that is essential for other software applications. This software is essential for better understanding of the media files. 

 Uses Of MediaInfo

 MediaInfo makes it possible to view all the details regarding a file. Since there are many types of files on the web, you can look at this software to provide the essential meta data. With this information, you can be sure of the technical details of the file you are downloading. MediaInfo has many details of a file.
  These are some of the things covered in it:
 - Frames per second.
 - Format of the file.
 - Codecs.

 Hence, this software is useful in avoiding any compatibility issues later on. So, when you are about to download a file from the web, you must make use of this software. 

 MediaInfo For All Your Needs

 This software is widely used in many places. Because of its easy use and user friendly design, MediaInfo has become very popular. You will be happy to use it on a regular basis. This software will fulfill all your needs. MediaInfo is one of the best software for all media related purposes. Apart from being useful, MediaInfo is also very easy to use. It handles many technical aspects. It gives a good performance on various computer systems. You will surely get benefit from it. 

Changes on the new version:
+ Acquisition Metadata: support of all SMPTE RDD18 elements
+ Matroska: cover presence and content of the cover
+ #F446, Matroska: Handling of cropping values
+ Improvement of Python binding: Mac Os X support, Python2 and Python3 can use same MediaInfoDLL.py
+ #F484, AVI: OpenDML Interlaced / Progressive scan type detection
+ MP4: support of AtomicParsley imdb tag
x #B959, MPEG-TS: MPEG-1 Video appeared as MPEG-2 Video
x #B914, Matroska: Undefined number of chapters in some M4V with Timed Text
x #B962, Matroska: negative timecodes were not correctly handled
x #B964, FLV: was hanging trying to open some FLV files
x JPEG in AVI or MOV: better handling of buggy APP0/AVI1, avoiding some false positives about interlacement
x DVCPRO HD: some containers consider DVCPRO HD as with width 1920 despite the fact it is 1280 or 1440, using 1280 or 1440 in all cases
MediaInfo screenshotMediaInfo screenshotMediaInfo screenshot

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Date added: 04 May 2015

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